Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The Technical Sessions include:

Geology and Geophysics

  • Advances in exploration technologies and evaluation techniques in geology, geophysics and petrophysics
  • Tectonics, stratigraphic and basin analysis studies
  • Regional to reservoir scale geology and geophysics
  • Unconventional Resources

Reservoir Engineering, Production Optimization, Drilling and Completions

  • Reservoir characterization and simulation
  • Reservoir Management
  • Improvements in drilling and completions
  • Marginal field and brown field rejuvenation
  • New Technology in Field Development
  • EOR and arresting production decline

Facilities Engineering and Project Management

  • Facilities technology, optimization and innovation
  • Facilities operations, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Project management life cycle
  • Project planning, controlling, and contracting strategies

Business and Commercial

  • Oil and gas commercialization
  • Hydrocarbon transportation
  • Permit Challenges, Business climate, fiscal and non-fiscal terms
  • Revenue and production sharing models
  • Evaluation and comparison of incentives
  • Uncertainty Analysis and Risk Management

HSE and Community Development

  • Roles of central and local governments
  • Sustainable development
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • People Community and Culture Engagement


Abstract Submittal Instructions:


Abstracts can only be submitted through on-line submission at

Please include the following information in the submitted abstract: 

  1. Title of Paper
  2. Author Names, Affiliation, Addresses, Phone number, Fax, E-mail contact
  3. Designate which Author will present the paper (presenter's name)
  4. Indicate preference for (a) Oral), (b) Poster Presentation, (c) Either
  5. Indicate if this paper was previously presented or published; if so, when and where?
  6. Internal approval, yes/no ?

The abstract should be able to stand alone as a short version of the paper between 150 to 300 words in length. In general, the abstract should contain the following elements

a. The scope or issue and principle objectives

b. The methods utilized to address the issues and objectives

c. Applicability of your issue and objectives. The “so what”

c. Conclusions

d. Keywords

All abstracts will be reviewed and rated by the technical committee so they can be ranked for the final program.  All of the authors will be informed if they are chosen or not for the final program. 

For more information:

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