The 43rd IPA Convex, Echoing the Optimism of Oil and Gas Exploration in Indonesia

Created at: 2019-09-06T14:22:34.346Z

After opening on September 4, 2019, three days have passed at the 43rd IPA Convex event. On Friday afternoon, September 6, 2019, the IPA Convex held at JCC Senayan, were concluded.

Over the three days, many interesting and useful programs have been presented. Competent speakers came to the event. Plenary sessions on the first and second days presented intensive discussions related to current issues in the oil and gas sector, mainly concerning exploration.

Also, technology sessions were held that provided a comprehensive picture of innovations in the oil and gas industry. Furthermore, visitors could find information about oil and gas in other sessions such as breakfast meetings, booth exhibitors, jam sessions, competitions and other events.

This year's IPA Convex event was a success. The total number of visitors reached 25,717, consisting of public visitors, students, invited guests and delegates. This number is an increase from last year’s 24 thousand visitors.

"I am extremely grateful to everyone involved in making this event a success. Finally, I hope to meet you all again at IPA Convex in 2020, "said Hanny Denalda, Chairperson of IPA Convex 2019.

Bij Agarwal, Acting President of IPA, in his closing speech said he was optimistic for the oil and gas industry in Indonesia.

“I think we can all agree that Indonesia still has great potential for investors. Given the condition that more than half of Indonesia’s basins are not yet explored,” said Bij.

According to him, collaboration between the government and investors is needed to increase exploration. That is the key to ensure Indonesia's energy needs in the future.

Chairman of SKK Migas Dwi Soetjipto also expressed his appreciation of this year's IPA Convex event. Especially as the program focused on discussions about exploration, whether it was looking for new reserves or optimizing existing fields. SKK Migas itself has established exploration as one of its strategic efforts for increasing oil and gas production in Indonesia.

This year's oil production target in Indonesia is 775 thousand barrels per day. However, SKK Migas predicts that the production achievement in 2019 will reach 752 thousand barrels per day.

“Our target for next year is we don’t want to see production decline,” said Dwi Soetjipto.

In addition to exploration, the government's effort to increase oil and gas production involves simplifying exploration permitting procedures and utilizing Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology. At the 43rd IPA Convex 2019 Closing Ceremony, Dwi Soetjipto final statement was, “when there is a new day, there is always a new hope."