Fianti Ramadhani, Opportunity to Work Abroad

Created at: 2019-09-06T03:43:31.328Z

Fianti Ramadhani, who goes by the name Anya, currently works as a Well Integrity Engineer at HCML (Husky-CNOOC Madura Limited). The ITB Petroleum Engineering Master’s degree graduate and Physics Engineering Bachelor’s degree graduate has worked for 10 years in the oil and gas industry. Born in Bandung, May 15, 1987, she previously worked at Schlumberger as a Cased Hole Wireline Field Engineer. Currently as a Well Integrity Engineer, Anya's job is to ensure that all well barriers are in good condition so there are no uncontrolled hydrocarbon releases that could endanger the personnel, assets and the environment.

Why are you interested in the oil and gas industry?

Oil and gas is a dynamic working industry. There are challenging opportunities to gain experience in the field and also many training opportunities.

What are the pros and cons of working in the oil and gas industry?

Likes: The opportunity to study and work abroad. Having many overseas friends. Dislikes: Time with the family and friends sometimes has to be sacrificed due to working outside the city or abroad.

Have you ever worked in any other industry? What is the main difference?


Do you believe in the future of Indonesian oil and gas?

I am very confident that with the ability and experience of the nation's young people, the Indonesian oil and gas industry will be able to compete even better on the world stage.

Hopes for the oil and gas industry?

I hope that the Indonesian oil and gas industry can more independently meet the domestic oil and gas needs, and can continue making improvements to the safety aspects for its personnel and the environment.