Special Session by Pak Awang Harun Satyana, Special Advisor at SKK Migas

This is a brand new event for the 2017 IPA Convex. Come early to ensure your seat for two talks by the highly respected and ever-popular Pak Awang. What makes his papers unique is their breadth and scope – he studies at the macro-level of the Basin and Country. These two talks will feature his latest in-depth research into Regional Petroleum Geochemistry of Indonesian Basins and Future Play Types of Indonesia. The talk on geochemistry will significantly contribute to exploration efficiency, because it shows genetic relationships among crude oils and source rocks. Knowing precisely what the proven source is in a basin can help build the right systematic exploration strategy for the basin. The talk on Future Play Types will discuss how the success or failure of these future play types lies in how to manage the related opportunities and challenges. The session will also feature an extended Questions-and-Answers. Once again, this will be a standing-room-only session, so please come early.