Technical Program

Technical Program

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“Driving Indonesia’s Oil & Gas Global Competitiveness”

The theme of the 42 nd annual IPA Convention and Exhibition “Driving Indonesia’s Oil & Gas Global Competitiveness” reflects the significant change in the oil and gas industry world-wide and more importantly in Indonesia. With the recent downturn in the oil and gas industry, companies world-wide have struggled to cope in this lower commodity price environment. To survive, they have had to make significant changes to their portfolios, find ways to lower costs and improve the value of opportunities through innovation.

These challenges have not only been faced by companies but by entire countries. In recent years, Indonesia has seen a significant retraction in the oil and gas industry and the government has been working tirelessly to promote new technologies, encourage improvement in operational efficiencies, stimulate investment, support development of new opportunities and challenge costs in order to increase the competitiveness of Indonesia’s oil and gas industry. One of the most important tools that that the country has for increasing its global competitiveness is the technical work done by professionals in the industry and government. In Indonesia, the most prominent forum to convey this technical work
is the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) convention and exhibition.

Since its establishment in 1971, the IPA, its member companies and individual members have worked in partnership with the government ministries in Indonesia for the mutual advancement of the Indonesian petroleum industry. Due to recent challenges in the oil and gas industry, this important partnership has taken center stage. Through the annual convention and exhibition, the partners in the IPA have a forum which they can share new technical work, innovations, cost improvement ideas and other technologies, all of which will help increase Indonesia’s global competitiveness. The participants reflect the broad and diverse nature of the Indonesian petroleum industry and include large multinational oil and gas companies, smaller independents, oil and gas services companies, government agencies and academia. For this year’s program, the Technical Program Committee (TPC) received 561 abstracts, a level similar to the record levels of previous years. Following a thorough review process, the experienced and dedicated technical professionals in the TPC selected 228 manuscripts for the final program. This program consists of 170 professional manuscripts and 36 student manuscripts arranged in 36 oral sessions and a single poster session, all of which will be presented over three days. The session layout consists of 114 professional oral presentations, 22 student oral presentations, 57 professional poster presentations and 14 student poster presentations. The technical sessions cover topics in geoscience, engineering, health, safety and environment, community relations, fiscal policies and business-commercial. Contributors to the professional technical program come from 151 different companies and 19 universities and the student presenters come from 36 different universities located in Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

The Indonesian Petroleum Association and the 2018 TPC sincerely hope that the technical information presented in oral and poster sessions at this year’s convention will be highly valuable to all attendees. We are sure that the manuscripts published in this year’s convention will be another step toward advancing the oil and gas industry in Indonesia and “Driving Indonesia’s Oil & Gas Competitiveness” Timothy J. Keller Chairmen, Technical Program Committee

42 nd Annual IPA Convention and Exhibition