Fossil X Digitalization

Fossil Exhibition is one of the fascinating events during IPA Convention in ICE BSD on 14 – 16 May 2023. It is a rare opportunity where we can meet, greet, and review different kind of fossils from basins in Indonesia furthermore unleashing the potential fossil in energy business.
Medco Energi, Pertamina Hulu Rokan, Horizon-Inpex, and Badan Geologi (ESDM) will share their samples and geological story that would be distinctive and potentially benefitted for companies that having similar reservoir. They hold the key to the history that occurred to our reservoir. The presence of fossil will show the latest imprint of diagenetic process, depositional environment, and characteristics of the reservoir that pursue to be produced.
Seeing the uniqueness of fossils from different basins, diverse types, and various scale, would be a pleasant experience for all explorationists. Feel the remnants of the animals that lives million years a-go, right in your palm. Save the date, come, and visit us at the Fossil Museum room during 2024 IPA Convention and Exhibition.