About the Event

In light of the global commitment to shift towards more sustainable energy sources, the oil and gas sector has started to play a significant role in this transition, gradually evolving into what can be called the “energy transition industry”.

The IPA Convex event has proven to be a successful platform that brings together crucial players in the energy sector, encompassing industry leaders, those involved in buying and selling energy-related products and services, as well as government officials. This event serves as a vital forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas pertaining to the energy transition, which has a profound impact on the future trajectory of the oil and gas industry.

Participating in this event provides a unique opportunity to connect and engage with a diverse range of representatives. This includes individuals and entities such as government bodies, industry associations, energy operators, resource producers, energy importers, prospective buyers, investors, and engineers. It offers a chance to build valuable networks and access invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of the energy sector.