Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between Exhibition Visitor and Convention Delegate?
Exhibition Visitor only can attend the exhibition at  Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). There is no admission fee for Exhibition Visitor.
While the Convention Delegates can join all the IPA Convex programs, except Energy Cultural Night which required a special invitation. (See details in the box)



How much is the registration fee for Convention Delegates?
 Please see below the details of the registration fee (Get an early bird price registration made until 31 March 2023)



Did I automatically register as the IPA member once I had registered as Convention Delegate or Exhibition Visitor?
No. It would not automatically be registered as an IPA member. To join as an IPA member, you should register your name separately through the IPA Office. Please visit the IPA Website www.ipa.or.id for more details.


Once we have registered as Exhibition Visitor, should we re-register in order to buy a ticket for Convention Delegate?
No. The registered Exhibition Visitor just upgrade the ticket by login with th registered account and choose the “Buy Ticket” menu. For any required assistance, please send an email to registrationipa@convex.ipa.or.id


Can registration be done individually only or in groups?
The registration can be done both individually or in groups. For group registration, you should register as the Person In Charge (PIC) first prior to buying a group ticket.


Where can we see the whole agenda of The 47th IPA Convex 2023?
The agenda can be seen on a dashboard participants menu, please check regularly for the updated agenda.


Can the individual ticket payment be done using an invoice?
No. The ticket payment with an invoice is only applied for group ticket purchases.
How long does it take to send an invoice for any group registration?
It will take two or three days to send out the invoice after all required data has been completed.


How can I get an official receipt for my ticket purchase?
Please send an email to our Registration Team (ayu@dyandra.com and registrationipa@convex.ipa.or.id) with the payment receipt and your electronic ticket attached.


Can the ticket redemption be represented?
The ticket redemption for registration can be represented by showing the QR code which was obtained after the online registration process was completed.


Where can we redeem the ID Card?
Ticket redemption can be done at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). Please see the schedule below:


Whether The 46th IPA Convex 2022 participant needs to re-register?
The 46th IPA Convex 2022 participant can log in to your previous account by using the registered email and password. If you forget the registered password, you can click the “forgot password” button to reset your password


When will business matching registration open?
There will be another notification to your dashboard when the business matching program registration is open. Please check your dashboard or email periodically.