CEO Mubadala Energy, Mansoor Al Hamed : Energy Transition and Energy Resilience Must Balance

CEO Mubadala Energy, Mansoor Al Hamed : Energy Transition and Energy Resilience Must Balance


Oil and natural gas are still the main choice in maintaining national energy security, especially during the energy transition era. Mansoor Mohammed Al Hamed, CEO of Mubadala Energy, said that the demand for gas is currently increasing in the world and this is in line with the energy transition. That is why Mubadala Energy has a strong commitment to invest in countries with large gas reserves, including in Indonesia.


He explained, the oil and gas industry has proven to be a mainstay for a country’s economy so that its role in this energy transition era will clearly not be easily replaced. Especially for gas that has lower carbon emissions when compared to other fossil energy. This is in line with the company’s long-term plan which focuses on the energy transition.


“Our long-term strategy in Indonesia not only demonstrates our commitment to the market but also underscores the strength of our partnership. With demand for gas increasing across Southeast Asia, our strategy of focusing on the energy transition through our gas portfolio can help meet energy demand in a dynamic and fast-growing market. We remain committed to continuing to invest in our operations in Indonesia and in the communities around our work areas.” said Mansoor. He assesses energy transitions and guarantees that energy security must run in balance. For that the application of technology is very important. The application of Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technologies is an important solution to increase national oil and gas production while achieving carbon emission reduction targets.


Mansoor Al Hamed was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Mubadala Energy in February 2021. Prior to his appointment, he served as Chief Growth Officer where he was responsible for all new business development and Merger & Acquisition activities at Mubadala Energy. He brings with him more than 15 years of diverse experience in the oil and gas industry and in various business leadership disciplines.Mansoor joined Mubadala Energy in 2010. Prior to joining Mubadala Energy, he worked in a wide variety of private sector businesses based in the UAE, gaining experience across commercial and managerial roles held in various business sectors.Mansoor holds a BSc in Business Administration from the American University in Dubai and two MSc degrees from Abu Dhabi University and the National Defense College in Abu Dhabi.