Head of  Aceh  Oil and Gas Management Agency (BPMA), Teuku Mohamad Faisal: Advancing Aceh Through Oil and Gas Industry

Head of  Aceh  Oil and Gas Management Agency (BPMA), Teuku Mohamad Faisal: Advancing Aceh Through Oil and Gas Industry

At the 47th IPA Convention & Exhibition (CONVEX) held at the Indonesian Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, South Tangerang, on Tuesday, 25 July 25 2023, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) of the Republic of Indonesia, Arifin Tasrif signed a Cooperation Contract for the Bireuen-Sigli Work Area with Acting Governor of Aceh Ahmad Marzuki,  Head of Aceh  Oil and Gas Management Agency (BPMA) Teuku Mohamad Faisal and President Director of PT Aceh Energy Kelik Rudi Suwarya.


The Head of BPMA, Teuku Mohamad Faisal said that the signing of this Cooperation Contract will increase exploration activities in Aceh in the hope of finding new oil and gas reserves. In addition, Aceh is still considered as one of the provinces that has attracted domestic and foreign investors to invest in the  oil and gas industry.”BPMA continues to intensify  oil and gas exploration activities, such as adding Work Areas in 2023. In January 2023, we have signed 2 Cooperation Contracts, namely ONWA and OSWA, and now we have added 1 more Cooperation Contract, namely the Bireuen Sigli’s Work Area  with PT Aceh Energy,” said Teuku Mohamad Faisal.Teuku explained that the presence of BPMA in Aceh is expected to improve Indonesia’s investment climate, especially in the Aceh region, with investors in the region, it can help drive the economy.”With the presence of BPMA it is hoped that Aceh’s economy will improve and bring maximum benefits for the welfare of Aceh people,” he said.


The Aceh  Oil and Gas Management Agency (BPMA) is a Government Agency under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) and the Governor of Aceh. BPMA was established to carry out joint management and control of  the oil and gas business activities located on land and sea in the territory of Aceh (0 to 12 nautical miles).BPMA was established under the Government Regulation Number 23 of 2015 on Joint Management of Oil and Gas Resources in Aceh, which is a Government Regulation  derived from Law Number 11 of 2006 concerning the Government of Aceh (UUPA).


Teuku Mohamad Faisal, S.T., M.M has served as Head of the Aceh  Oil and Gas Management Agency (BPMA) since 2019. Previously, he was Deputy for Planning and Operations of the Aceh Oil and Gas Management Agency (BPMA).Teuku Mohamad Faisal was born in Banda Aceh in 1973. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Chemical Engineering, the Surabaya Development Technology Institute (ITPS), and  Masters in Management, Surabaya University of Technology.


Faisal has had a distinguished career in several Indonesian oil and gas companies, and has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector at home and abroad.In the course of his career, he has worked as Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) at Husky-CNOOC for two years and Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) at Petronas Malaysia for two years.He was Supervisor at HESS Indonesia for seven years, and later as Foreman at QATAR Petroleum for seven years, two years at AKZO Nobel as Superintendent, and two years at Amoco Mitsui as Foreman.


He also had a career at PT. Medco E&P Indonesia as Accountant for Operational Expenses (Reporting, Budgeting, Cost Controlling) in the Accounting & Cost Management Department and from January 2005 to April 2007 as Financial Reporting, Accounting Financial Reporting and Due Diligence Analyst.In May 2007, he held the position of Accounting System and Procedure Section, Method and Procedure Analyst at the same company.He was appointed as Business Support Manager at PT. Medco E&P Malaka, PSC Block-A Aceh Finance & Admin Manager. From 2012 to October 2013 he worked at Medco LLC.